we should get jerseys cause we make a good team

if you know me in real life get off my blog


Team Nice Dynamite plays Minecraft
view the full image here
this should also totally be a shirt

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psa: if i know you any way, shape or form in real life please don’t follow me please don’t follow me please don’t follow me please don’t follow me.

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Modern Baseball - Broken Cash Machine (x)

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Ze’s Short pt 3 

↳ "I can’t have people living in my neighborhood destroying their grass."

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Little red has pointy teeth…

Trick or treat muthafuckas, Awwwwooo~

Stiles forces Derek into a hoodie while Stiles gets his werewolf on.  Stiles wanted red contacts but Derek has to draw the line somewhere.  

Desktop Wallpaper Here |  Get a print on Etsy here!

I’ll probably post cards later tonight…

Now to post the version with Alpha!Stiles

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i whistle while i work it

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okay but consider these

  • 'oh my god im so sorry my dog usually doesnt jump up on people like this i have no idea what their deal is but also hey there'
  • met while jumping into the same pile of freshly raked leaves in a park (alternatively, one jumps in and they met when no 2 kicks said pile of leaves)
  • waiting behind you in line but ‘excuse you me did i just hear you talking shit about my favourite superhero there SON’
  • 3am and the fire alarm in our apartment complex just went off let me lend you my jacket while we wait on the sidewalk
  • it started as one game of ddr in a games acarde/convention and turned into a two hour long battle and i wont let you wiN
  • 'it was raining so hard i wasnt paying attention as i ran into the side of your car/you/your umbrella but were both drenched now and also hey there'
  • eating in the same diner every morning and the waitress ALWAYS mixes up our orders so why dont we just sit at the same table to save her the trouble
  • well were both here to meet a mutual friend to hang out but they dropped out last second and this is awkward as shit huh
  • 'im sorry but your headphones are so loud i can hear them from here and just what the crap do you think youre listening to thats so two thousand and late'
  • 'wait, have we met before?' 'no, i think i wouldve remembered' just in any context just do it okay
  • ghost hunters/haunted house/paranormal investigators au

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This is a virtual hug, spread it to those who need it most!”

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and here we have Gavin Free not giving a shit.

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